Original title: Many hundred years college is permanent shut! Loss of this industry general exceeds England 170 billion yuan! Of Euramerican university ” to dark hour ” came?

Because the abidance of epidemic situation is pounded, very much Euramerican college uses defer to term begins or the means of the education on the line. In addition, a few colleges still appear during epidemic situation serious financing gap, a few hundred years college has closed down even close.


Be close to going bankrupt of Euramerican university ” to dark hour “

Mark Professor · Professor Lucas is a nuclear physics learn the home, his astrophysical major in university of Russia of American Russia the last of the twelve Earthly Branches already taught nearly 21 years. Recently, lucas receives to come from school square mail, say new school year will renew the contract with him no longer, this lets him at a draught ” confused god ” . He must struggle hard in market of to apply for a job nowadays, and of epidemic situation condition not Anacreontic let him feel very spellbound. Phenomenon cutting down the member of persons employed happens on the employee body of university of state of Zhu Sai of American horse Sa as much.

New coronal is pneumonic of epidemic situation eruptive, brought huge pecuniary loss to American college, the donation that the college obtains decreases in great quantities, the social service revenue such as cost of the accommodation after shutting campus also not answer exist. In addition, epidemic situation hit the recruit students of the college badly also to work, source of student decreases cause bigger live the crisis. For fill financing gap, cutting down the member of persons employed is one of the directest way.

Senior vice president of government of American education committee and public general affairs Terry Hateer: Inside a few months that are spring semester merely, completely beautiful college is little the income of 8 billion dollar.

College of a lot of United States is entered in succession ” seek to live on put ” mode, hard the budgetary gap with huge fill, but a few schools had announced permanent shut:

Because the institute in the Mai Kemo that builds school history to be as long as 174 years is financial the crisis, after announcing to will end in spring semester permanent shut.

University of rich Lan Kelin will shut the Ohio of more than hundred years school of cent of be stranded Ba Na.

Have study abroad statistic of service platform data, up to now, complete beauty shares 33 universities to announce permanent shut, involve 5690 students, this one quantity still is increasing ceaselessly.


Broaden sources of income and reduce expenditure is Euramerican the college saves oneself pattern 100

Epidemic situation issues financial standing of a lot of colleges to worsen quickly, some colleges are faced with go bankrupt the crisis. Besides roll out reduce salary, cut down the member of persons employed the measure that waits for managing cost, to persuade source of student to stay, euramerican college thinks method saves oneself in succession, it may be said is pattern 100.

To persuade source of student to stay, college of a few United States begins to allow to be born anew greatly cross a state, cross school Xiu Douqiu season course. New York university announces, of autumn enter a school it is OK to be born anew greatly nearby chooses this school to be in the enter a school of 14 cent school of global each district.

For tarry student studying abroad, british university cudgel one’s brains for thinks all sorts of method to let return to school after the vacation of student studying abroad attend class. British queen university announced in June, from Northern Ireland of Beijing non-stop flight to charter flight Beierfasite accepts an international to be born, this school is complete flower the first is offerred ” private plane convoy serves ” university. University of afterwards England queen announces charter flight plans, university of Mancunian university, heart of Er thanking phenanthrene mixes England other ten universities are negotiating plan of associated charter flight with airline, allot investigation questionnaire to students.

According to Inews report, the university that England has 1/4 about will be offerred ” award ” or ” subsidiary ” will attract a student.

The tuition that Du Lun university has major of division of 20 many business can be hit 75 fold, can decrease 7350 pound high most.

The university gives Aikesaite the new student of enter a school extends this year 2000 pound fellowship.

Gelasige the engineering college of the university is direct hair money more, new school year registers the new student of study to give 1000 pound each, return to school after the vacation gives birth to 700 pound.

Crown of news analyst of center wide finance and economics: British college was to encounter very apparent finance pressure apparently, the finance that relies on a government merely comes to help, this cavity cannot be filled on. Come from at China the student studying abroad of other perhaps country and area can continue to return England to go to school, continue to pay the tuition fee, the finance pressure to extraordinary now tension is one very intuitionistic alleviate.


Governmental minister is adverse and Euramerican fade-in of educational industrialization malpractice

Euramerican college adopts a variety of means to undertake saving oneself, so the step that what deliverance college the government took again? Under the crisis, euramerican college this system itself, whether also existing problems of a few unbeknown deep administrative levels?

New coronal is pneumonic epidemic situation is tremendous to the concussion of industry of British higher education, official predicting loss is highest amount to 19 billion pound (add up to a RMB about 173.3 billion yuan) . The government of the Conservative Party that England is in office always supports boycott attitude to teaching allowance, by April, british university alliance submits proposal to British Ministry of finance, demand government raises the short-term research fund of 2 billion pound, but refuse. Of the influence as epidemic situation and situation austere, british government near future changed fundamental key sadly.

Recently, british government is premise with all sorts of additional requirements, acceptance general is noted to British college with the means of imprest tuition endowment 2.6 billion pound, but be being compared with the loss photograph of 19 billion pound is an utterly inadequate method in dealing with a severe situation only.

If say deliverance university of England is an utterly inadequate method in dealing with a severe situation, so American measure is deal with a situation in a wrong method and make it worse.

On July 6, american government announces, add of summer vacation succeed is used ” online class ” the American university of formal education, will cannot continue to admit international to be born register. This is meant this already considerably income of student studying abroad of university of reductive United States, will ” again next step ” . This also brought about each are big the college objects, haing Buddha university, hemp saves grain industry to express to will sue American government, later 17 cities of American also sue Telangpu in succession government, oppose new rule of international student visa.

International student is the income source with Euramerican main university. Be in England, it is with 2020-2021 school year accurate, british mainland and tuition of European Union student make an appointment with 9000 pound on average, international student is in generally above of 20 thousand pound. The mainland of rate outclass England of international student and student of European Union country. According to statistic of American college alliance, 2018-2019 school year, american college has student of 1.1 million international about, exceed 1 million abroad student 4 years to learn in the United States continuously. If these student studying abroads cannot continue to learn in the United States, the pecuniary loss that brings 41 billion dollar to American college.

Liu Ge of news analyst of finance and economics: Some universities are bigger to the dependence of international student studying abroad, international student is occupied tuitionally a few taller than meeting. If drop very badly, be about to obtain these fund from other place, this may be very difficult.

Euramerican university great majority is private university, they regard education an industry, will run education according to industrial means, market mechanism introduces in running a course, what achieve those who teach resource to optimize configuration and educational benefit with this is the biggest change.

Crown of news analyst of center wide finance and economics: The price with high higher education is a of country of old brand industry very typical calling card, the financial crisis that service line of business of high end is in on one round, passed fast yield one round to be able to expand with dilate, and pneumonic epidemic situation brings about the new coronal of arise suddenly normal movement, battalion closes, stepped on one foot slam the brakes on, situation of crowded foamy awkwardness appeared on certain level so.

Last modified: 01/08/2020