Original title: New coronal of diagnose of Nigeria accumulative total is pneumonic case of illness 97

Local time 28 days of late nights, nigeria disease accuses a center to release an information, add 8 new coronals newly pneumonic diagnose case of illness, accumulative total diagnose 97. 28 days earlier before Nigeria disease controls a center already statistic adds 8 newly, added 16 diagnose case in all 28 days that day, at present 1 dies.

Additionally 28 days, er · Ai Ha strides accept of governor of state of Nigeria card Du Na on the west De Lufayi (Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai) in its video is released to say on gregarious media, already treated segregation condition at present, without the symptom.

Naxier Aihamaide Lew law Yi is the 2nd bey that Nigeria announces diagnose new coronal is pneumonic, governor of state of 24 days of Bao Qi Bala Muhanmode (Bala Mohammed) the news that also announced him diagnose external. (He Beiping of total stage reporter)

Last modified: 29/03/2020