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Original title: Door of Hubei chaste tree: Urgent seek this 26 people

On March 29, pneumonic epidemic situation prevents new coronal of retail sales of Hubei province chaste tree accuse headquarters to issue give public notice, urgent the person that search 26 person that affect without the symptom to contact.

Announce says: On March 27, 2020, patient of a thyroid disease reachs one hospital of city (south courtyard area) see a doctor be admitted to hospital, classics nucleic acid detected on March 28, eventuate new coronal is pneumonic and electropositive the person that detect, diagnose the person that affect to do not have a symptom.

This patient multiplies Yang Wan to come from town of phosphorite of Zhong Xiang city on March 27 morning car of chaste tree a hanger-on of an aristocrat, 10 when arrive at north of passenger transport of Jing Men car 19 minutes to stand, 10 when from station of north of passenger transport of car of chaste tree door 24 minutes public transportation platform takes 9 buses (plate number: H1B193 of another name for Hubei province, the patient takes the 3rd at reciprocal of this car left) , 11 when in highway elephantine mountain 7 minutes platform of the courtyard austral one cure gets off, share a passenger on the way 26 people (the male 12 people of 14 people, female) . Good to do this new coronal is pneumonic contact personnel without the person that the symptom is affected dog government works, be on guard epidemic situation rebounds potential risk, be as follows with respect to concerned item announce now:

One, be in with this patient please the citizen that same period of time, same car takes a car (include rather the personnel that close quarters contacts) pass a telephone call actively to place village (community) report, reside a segregation 14 days by oneself.

2, during segregation, every appears the unwell symptom such as calorific, cough, please pass a telephone call for a short while to place village (community) report, by the village (community) organize its in time to send popular examine to see a doctor to medical establishment.

3, if report not actively, see a doctor not in time, bring about epidemic situation to diffuse, the legal duty that investigates party lawfully.

What virus of new-style coronal shape affects chaste tree retail sales is pneumonic

Epidemic situation is prevented accuse headquarters

On March 29, 2020

Last modified: 29/03/2020